About Me

September 21, 2019

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for coming here. I welcome you with open arms :)

My name is Lina. I'm in my 30s. Married to an amazing man. A PR graduate but I'm a teacher now. Teacher by day, and a businesswoman/blogger by night. Yes, I love to do many things and keep myself occupied. I run an online store for various amazing local Malaysian products. You can check out @psmisslina on Instagram!

I love writing, sharing stories, doing reviews, enjoy venturing into new things, new places to eat, new products to try, new salons to discover and just loveeeee to explore new experiences. My reviews are honest, be it positive or negative, regardless sponsored or own purchase. They are based solely on my personal experience.

You may reach me at nurlinaazhari@gmail.com for collaborations, product/service reviews, event invitations, advertorials or anything at all ;)

Much love,


  1. love your blog..like serioulsly!!=)

    1. Thank you so much, dear! I really appreciate it your support. Would love to follow your blog but I can't find your link! Let me know? :)

  2. baby girl!! your blog is soooo lovely.. love to read it more :) hope to see u soon and keep up with the awesome blog .. xoxo

    1. Thank you babe for the support! You awesome! xoxo


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