grEAT - Malaysia's 1st Automated Restaurant @1 Utama

October 29, 2018

Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone! Anddd Im backkk with a restaurant/food review. It's been a pretty long time since the last I reviewed tempat makan best. So now I nak review restoran yang rasanya paling canggih di Malaysia buat masa sekarang!

grEAT - The Healthier Fast Food is located in One Utama, started  operating in February 2018. Konsep grEAT ni memang LAIN dari restoran lain sebab semua kat sini automatic. Dah rasa macam fefeeling kat Japan. Finally kita dah hampir sama level juga la kan dengan restoran restoran di Jepun?

So what kind of food do they serve here? Vegetarian and healthy choices only! Which means, grEAT really emphasizes on serving healthy (lots and lots of greensss) yet delicious. I know some of you may not like vegetarian food sebab most of it usually lack of  ummphh and taste, but seriously you will love this place sebab it's really tasty. I was really surprised! (and Im not a vegetarian girl!)

The best part is, there is no staff to serve your food. It's self service, but in a fun way!

You see all these screens below? They are touchscreen boxes where your orders will appear there.(really like magic!). How to order? You may walk in or order through Wechat. When you have made your payments, you will receive a password. You need the password to key in on the touch screen and tadaaaa. Your order is nicely placed in the box!

I was so jakun when I did it for the first time. Felt like a kid again! It makes you want to order more just so you can go through the whole process again. Hah!

Check out the video below!

I ordered Signature Smokey Burger, Tempura Mushroom and Honey Green Tea. I really love the burger. If Im not mistaken the patty is made of soy and potato. It really tastes like you're having some kind of beef burger but it isn't! Purely vegetarian food, I repeat! Portion is good. The burger was huge! Generous portion of fries and salad.

To all Muslim foodies, not to worry because grEAT is HALAL! hooray!

Currently they have promotion for breakfast and tea time. I would go back to try the new menu. Also would like to try the Rice and Noodles dishes. Who's with me? Jom!


Click on their FB Page : grEAT to find out more on latest promotions.


*Picture credits: grEAT FB Page

Service Quality : 4/5 
Food & Drinks Quality : 4/5
Ambience : 4/5
Price : $$

Will I come back? : YES

Rating Guide 

1/5 : Poor 
 2/5 : Fair 

 3/5 :Average   

4/5 : Good  

5/5 : Excellent 
$ :Budget  
$$ : Mid-range  
$$$ : Splurge 

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