Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #4

March 12, 2010

17 February 2010
Alhamdulillah for the luxurious breakfast at Al-Safwah hotel!! So glad to have variety of food at the buffet as I was already so darn bored of the Al-Fayroz hotel's food after
one week stay! Today, still feeling very lazy, slept the whole day despite being disturbed by the housekeeper, who thought that I was supposed to check out today! I was shocked to see a man with luggage stood in front of my room because the reception gave him the key to my room! LOL. Mistakes. But seriously. It scared me to death. He opened the door by himself! Could you imagine if I was naked since I was alone in the room! OMG. GILAAA. haha. 
I was so sad that I couldn't do much in sisters got to go pray in front of kaabah almost all prayer time! Jelesnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :( Tido je keje saya. Cuz in Madinah we didn't get much sleep, tour everyday and bus ride most of the time~ So tiring tau!
Al-Safwah hotel is awesome, below there is a shopping mall and foodcourt! So we went thereand only to find many shops were closed,don't know why, so we went to the shopping
mall next door which is called, Al-Braj Bait
shopping centre. Finally there's a mall like in KL. Didn't find any in Madinah. This mall is huge, like Pavilion! Very pretty and shiny too! I guess it's new!
It was located right in front of Masjidil Haram, in fact
there's a bridge to get to Masjidil Haram from the shopping mall. Had lunch at the food
court there, had awesome Nasi Beriyani! Very very original punya tau.

 Below : 40bucks per head breakfast! haha.

18 February 2010
Actually today, we were supposed to follow the tour to Ta'if to visit some historical attractions of the Prophet, to visit the places of Muhammad's wives. But we didn't go for the tour, cuz we were still tired (lazy). My parents didn't want to go on tour so much
when in Makkah because they wanted to focus more on praying at Kaabah :) To grab as many chances as possible! Bukan senang nak pegi sini!! :) So I woke up late today, had the same breakfast and dapat cuci mata first thing in the morning! God!! Arabian guys are WORTH TO DROOL FOR! :)
Had take-out for lunch and I did my henna tattoo the whole day!
Did my nails And the back of my hand!! :)
Currently obsessed with henna tattoo since I couldn't do anything else! LOL. I mean, I couldn't walk aroung lone at the shopping mall. No one does that here. So it's not that appropriate to walk around alone,especially when you're a girl :)
We had dinner at the foodcourt downstairs, found a Malaysian restaurant.
Dad couldn't resist so we all were forced to go there!  Kami sangatlah perut melayu :)

19 February 2010

Today we shopped quite a number of items!
I bought A LOT of henna paste for nails and for hand decorations and also some Arabic eyeliner! And also sandals! :) Will post the pictures soon!
Went to the hotel's surau for Friday prayers ( I teman only), because Masjidil Haram is so full! And the cool thing is that they connected the speaker form Masjidil Haram to the hotel's surau so you could hear the praying from the mosque too! cool kan!
Had dinner at D'Saji again (yes, that's the name of the Malaysian restaurant)!
Didn't do much on this day because we were saving our energy for the next day!! wicked!
Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post.
Didn't do much on these dates  but I still wanted to update it so that the whole trip is completed.

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