Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #3

March 09, 2010

16 February 2010

-The was our last day in Madinah! Booo.. :( So Dad took us to walk around Masjid Nabawi! It's huggeeee!
We wanted to say goodbye to Prophet Muhammad and the mosque! It's the best mosque I've
ever been to! If I live in Madinah, I would go here everyday! I love Madinah. So peaceful. And so relaxed. People are nice and funny too! Sweet! Food is good and shopping is fantastic! I love all the lights especially Masjid Nabawi, as the name given, Madinah Al Munawarrah, which means city of lights.
BUT, the irony part was that my hotel was blackout the previous day! How the heck were we supposed to pack?? Dad and uncle berkejaran mau pegi cari torchlight and by the time they went back to the hotel, the lights came on! PFFFT!
It was funny to see everyone was panicked! It was off from noon till about 10pm.

 Masid Nabawi at night :) Beautiful!

I love the roof or umbrella..whatever you call it! Boleh bukak tutup!
 See! Get what I mean? ;)

 The makam of Prophet Muhammad is here :)

   It's only the outdoor part!! HUGE!


 After the mini tour by my daddy, we continued this Middle East trip to Makkah, the main reason why we came here, to perform Umrah, which means to walk around the Kaabah (big black box) 7 times and walk from Safa Hill to Marwah 7 times too. While doing so, one is advisable to recite prayers.

I was SO VERY excited to perform the tasks and pray in front of Kaabah because it is one of the best places to pray and ask things from Allah. God willing, He will grant your wishes and answer your prayers!

UNFORTUNATELY, I got my period the night before! BOOO.. :( So I couldn't perform any of the tasks or even entered Masjidil Harram.

The journey from Madinah to Makkah was about 6 hours. We stopped in between to get some snacks and to pray. Funny, it is in the middle of the desert!

There was a little twist of our tour for Mekkah. Dad didn't want to stay at the hotel allocated
for our tour, cuz the area is not convenient and safe, but actually we couldnt tahan the fact
that we had to berebut the lift with so many ppl and ate boring food which we had to face at the hotel in Madinah., so my family changed hotel!
We stayed at Al-Safwah Hotel! Gorgeous 5 star hotel!
My sisters and I got a mini suite!!
I looked out the window the moment I went into the room, Our room WAS FACING KAABAH!! omg. I was jumping so happyily cuz since I can't go there to perform my prayers, at least I could look at it from my room!
I admit, I cried like a baby. hehe.
I mean Hello. Kaabah kot!! Its a symbol of Islam! Our heading! Our kiblat when we pray! Been seeing it in tv, newspapers, everywhere, and finally it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES! Alhamdullilah and SubhanaAllah.


 Lovely KAABAH!

 Crazy jam that happens when it's almost prayer time!

I love my hotel, it had everything!!
 Ambik..Plasma TV lagi!



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