Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #2

March 06, 2010

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Here is the continuation of my Middle East trip! Enjoy!

15 February 2010

We were back in Madinah Al-Munawarrah :)
Early in the morning, around 7 am, we had the usual breakfast and I was starting to get sick of it but I told myself I needed to hold on for just 2 MORE DAYS before we left for Makkah!

Today's tour was earlier than usual because we had a number of stops to visit. Thank God I charged my camera batteries or else I would scream in the middle of the street and let the Saudi Arabian cops caught me!
haha. Random much!
Okay cut the crap!

Our first stop was Masjid Quba'. It is the first mosque that Propher Muhammad ever built! Thank God I had not gotten my period yet that day. Hence, I managed to go into the mosque and pray :) The mosque is so beautiful, white and pure! I felt like Im in heaven already. Take a look at the sky :) SubhanAllah!
Once again, my heart was touched by the fact that I could be in a premise which Muhammad had built it himself! yay :)





Next stop is Ladang Kurma!
Do you love dates ? I LOVE DATES!
And here, they sell chocolate dates!! How awesome is that! Have you tasted chocolate dates? I LOVE CHOCOLATE DATES!! YUMMMM






After licking our fingers and wiped our mouths that were covered with chocolate, it was time to move on to the next historical attraction, Bukit Uhud.
I cried here. This is where Prophet Muhammad was in a war called Uhud War but his troop lost and many of his friends had passed away here :( 


Makam para khalifah yang telah mati syahid! 

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was here!!

There is even a market at the peak of the mountain!


About 30 minutes away from Bukit Uhud, we headed to Jabel Magnet, which means Magnetic Mountain!
This place is awesome!! There is like a natural magnet and it could pull your vehicle!! You don't need to
accelerate..just control your brake and steering. Damn, can save fuel if we live in the area! Heck, we don't need fuel at all!
At first I couldn't really believe it, but I was stunned when our bus drove up the hill by itself!
SubhanaAllah! Google or youtube and you'll see what I meant!



5th stop was Ladang Unta! Camels!!! :)
I like camels but they stink so bad! Ugh. But they are really adorable! Gotta love the big eyes and long lashes :)
We were here to taste the fresh milk of the camel! Right off from the boobs!
I never like milk. So to me it's nothing exciting. But my sisters who are milk lovers say the camel's fresh milk is really different from the cows! Coolness!
Try it :)





We got on the bus smelling like camels. Ooopsie. I was hoping that the tour ended at that stop because I didn't want to walk around beautiful attractions smelling like unbathed animals! Yikes.
The tour guide announced that we had two more spots and we were done :)

So the next destination was Quran Complex. It's a factory where the Quran is published. They published like thousands a day. Unfortunately, only men could go in the factory because you know..only men can work in Madinah. So, us women just hung out at a small showroom where they were selling Quran of various languages. Mom bought some Quran to give to Al-Nabawi Mosque as amal jariah :) So lucky for the men, they got free Quran if they visit the factory!! I only have a pic of the complex as we didn't get to go into the factory! :(


Our last attraction ended right before lunch time! YES!
So our last destination was Masjib Qiblatin. It means, 2 kiblats. Why? Because last time the Muslims used to pray facing Baitul Muqaddis in this mosque as the kiblat, but then he changed it to Kaabah. Hence, the name was given!

Really man..the sky was SO beautiful that day! SO BLUE!! ahh! 

The 2 Kiblats Mosque :)

Went back to the hotel and everyone was so exhausted!
I think my feet died on me.

Lina Pumpkin

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