Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #5

March 13, 2010

20 February 2010

We are back on tour after a few days break!
I didn't know that we could walk to their hotel (the people that were in the same tour group) from our hotel. The streets were a bit scary because there were so many people selling things in your face, follow you around and beggars are everywhere. I wanted to give of course, but I couldn't, cuz once I give, others will come follow me around and beg! I even saw some of them put their little children in the middle of the street for begging! Omg. Things like these make me shed my tears.

I quickened my pace, hoping to reachnthe hotel as fast as possible.
I was so glad to see friends from the tour. Suprisingly, we missed them and they missed us too!We had quite a number of sightseeings to check out, guided by the same ustaz that we had on our first
day of the tour, I still don't know his name by the way, but we call him Ustaz Lame cuz he says the lamest,
and funniest things ever! He rocks!

1st stop : Gua Thur. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad and his best friend, Abu Bakkar As-Siddiq
stayed in for a few nights, to hide from the bad people while he was on his way to Madinah. Actually we could climb the mountain to check out the cave but it would take us about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the cave. We didn't have enough time, as we had many other stops to go to.

2nd stop : Padang Arafah. This is a wajib place for Haj pilgrims. They have to wukuf here and there, there is a hill called Jabel Al Rahmah, where Prophet Adam and wife, Hawa met when they first came to Earth. And Muslims can go up the hill and pray to God. And in that pray, one should pray about finding love for marriage and for the rest of your life. And of course,me who is single and available, I climbed up the hill and prayed to Allah so that I would find the love of my life soon, get married and have children :)
However, I was dissapointed to see people scribbling their signatures on the most important feature of the hill! Oh God. I seriously believe that the attractions in Makkah should have more security or guards standing around so that no one does stupid things like that! The tiang is supposed to be a landmark kind of thing! ahh It makes me mad.
But..what made me even MORE mad are the workers there who kept on pestering me to buy things, or ride on their camels. OMG. THEY FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE.
I WAS SO MAD. I said NO NO..but more are coming! They even touched your arms or pull you to their camels! And SubhanAllah, they are number one liars!
Don't believe them if the say riding the camel is only 5 bucks. The moment you turun from the camel, they would charge 10 or more and say things like 'oh the camel jalan jauh'
or like 'you took so many pictures of my camel'. AND..they even took out their polaroid camera to take a picture of you without your consent, and then make you pay for it! ARGH. It makes me so mad. I felt like a papparazi when they are following me around but at least the celebs had to only pose for the camera
and not do anything else or even take out money! I couldn't take it anymore, I walked quickly naik my bus balik! Omg. Crazy! It spoiled my mood at the place.
And u know what...while I was praying in front of the tiang, they even stood in front of you and sell things! I was THAT close to pushing them down the hill!
But hey I couldn't do that or else God wouldn't grant my prayer to find a boyfriend! Astaga.
Before we left, dad agreed to pay one of the guys and asked my sister to ride on the camel. I didn't want to ride because I didn't want my jubah to stink.
And God. There were shit everywhere. Gross.
After all those crazy hustle and bustle of Arafah, we moved on with our sightseeings, but just lalu only, tak turun from the bus. We passed by a few mosques which Prophet Muhammad loved and had a lot of experiences in it. And we even passed Bukit AnNur, where Gua Hirak is located. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad diturunkan his first wahyu, when he was first elected to be a prophet.

Jabel Al-Rahmah. I love group picture :)

Now lets climb the mountain and pray hardcore!

I was thinking should I touch the camels or not. Hmmps.

The lil sisters on the camel! Pretty right the camel!

The moment you get down the bus, all of these people will follow you!

This is where the Haj pilgrimage camp out on one of the days.

Gua Hirak!

21 February 2010

This was our last day of tour. 
We went to a little town called Hudaibiyah, where  the Hudaibiyah war occured during the Prophet's time.
This is peninggalan batu batu yg pernah Nabi buat dijadikan macam camp. It's called Baitul Ridhwan.

We were also told that Nabi Muhammad pernah buat korban kat bukit ni! cool!

The tour also took us to ladang camel again, just in case if anyone wanted to buy some fresh camel's milk to bring back home! Dad bought a 20 bottles! ahahaa

OMG. They're hot!! hehe :)

Our last stop for the day was a museum! It was a mini museuym but it had fantastic antiques! Check these out!

The stairs in Kaabah!

The great door of Kaabah!

Awesome colourful Quran!

It shows how Telaga Zam-Zam works!

22 February 2010

Sadly, this was my second last day in Makkah.
But lucky me my period was done, I was cleaned and I managed to go to Masjidil Haram! OMG!
Alhamduilliah, God had granted my wish! :) I was so happy! Tak sabar nak tawaf!
So I managed to tawaf.. I didn't buat Saie semua sebab tak buat tawaf pun dah syukur amin! Yang penting, dapat langkah masuk Masjidil Haram and pegang Kaabah!
Omg. I touched Kaabah okay! And it smells so good! Macam flowery perfume!!
Tawaf was fun! Sambil tawaf tawaf tuh, I baca baca doa and also doa for my friends yg they all kirim! Bawak list lagi ha! Takut lupa nak doa untuk sape sape ke.. Alhamdulillah! Dapat jugak tgk Kaabah depan mata..siap pegang lagi!! :)

Beautiful Masjidil Harram nightscene :)

23 February 2010

Our last day in Makkah, headed back to Jeddah to get to the airport.
And on the way to airport, we stopped by for lunch at one of the most famous Asian restaurants is Jeddah and prayed at a floating mosque at the Red Sea! It's the Red Sea people! The sea yang Nabi Musa belah laut tu! Awesome kan!

Jeddah is really beautiful and different from Madinah and Makkah. Jeddah is by the beach so it reminds me of California baby! It was really windy that day! Loves it!

The Red Sea!

The floating mosque!

Till we meet again, Middle East! 

With all my love,
Lina Pumpkin

Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #4

March 12, 2010

17 February 2010
Alhamdulillah for the luxurious breakfast at Al-Safwah hotel!! So glad to have variety of food at the buffet as I was already so darn bored of the Al-Fayroz hotel's food after
one week stay! Today, still feeling very lazy, slept the whole day despite being disturbed by the housekeeper, who thought that I was supposed to check out today! I was shocked to see a man with luggage stood in front of my room because the reception gave him the key to my room! LOL. Mistakes. But seriously. It scared me to death. He opened the door by himself! Could you imagine if I was naked since I was alone in the room! OMG. GILAAA. haha. 
I was so sad that I couldn't do much in sisters got to go pray in front of kaabah almost all prayer time! Jelesnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :( Tido je keje saya. Cuz in Madinah we didn't get much sleep, tour everyday and bus ride most of the time~ So tiring tau!
Al-Safwah hotel is awesome, below there is a shopping mall and foodcourt! So we went thereand only to find many shops were closed,don't know why, so we went to the shopping
mall next door which is called, Al-Braj Bait
shopping centre. Finally there's a mall like in KL. Didn't find any in Madinah. This mall is huge, like Pavilion! Very pretty and shiny too! I guess it's new!
It was located right in front of Masjidil Haram, in fact
there's a bridge to get to Masjidil Haram from the shopping mall. Had lunch at the food
court there, had awesome Nasi Beriyani! Very very original punya tau.

 Below : 40bucks per head breakfast! haha.

18 February 2010
Actually today, we were supposed to follow the tour to Ta'if to visit some historical attractions of the Prophet, to visit the places of Muhammad's wives. But we didn't go for the tour, cuz we were still tired (lazy). My parents didn't want to go on tour so much
when in Makkah because they wanted to focus more on praying at Kaabah :) To grab as many chances as possible! Bukan senang nak pegi sini!! :) So I woke up late today, had the same breakfast and dapat cuci mata first thing in the morning! God!! Arabian guys are WORTH TO DROOL FOR! :)
Had take-out for lunch and I did my henna tattoo the whole day!
Did my nails And the back of my hand!! :)
Currently obsessed with henna tattoo since I couldn't do anything else! LOL. I mean, I couldn't walk aroung lone at the shopping mall. No one does that here. So it's not that appropriate to walk around alone,especially when you're a girl :)
We had dinner at the foodcourt downstairs, found a Malaysian restaurant.
Dad couldn't resist so we all were forced to go there!  Kami sangatlah perut melayu :)

19 February 2010

Today we shopped quite a number of items!
I bought A LOT of henna paste for nails and for hand decorations and also some Arabic eyeliner! And also sandals! :) Will post the pictures soon!
Went to the hotel's surau for Friday prayers ( I teman only), because Masjidil Haram is so full! And the cool thing is that they connected the speaker form Masjidil Haram to the hotel's surau so you could hear the praying from the mosque too! cool kan!
Had dinner at D'Saji again (yes, that's the name of the Malaysian restaurant)!
Didn't do much on this day because we were saving our energy for the next day!! wicked!
Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post.
Didn't do much on these dates  but I still wanted to update it so that the whole trip is completed.

Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #3

March 09, 2010

16 February 2010

-The was our last day in Madinah! Booo.. :( So Dad took us to walk around Masjid Nabawi! It's huggeeee!
We wanted to say goodbye to Prophet Muhammad and the mosque! It's the best mosque I've
ever been to! If I live in Madinah, I would go here everyday! I love Madinah. So peaceful. And so relaxed. People are nice and funny too! Sweet! Food is good and shopping is fantastic! I love all the lights especially Masjid Nabawi, as the name given, Madinah Al Munawarrah, which means city of lights.
BUT, the irony part was that my hotel was blackout the previous day! How the heck were we supposed to pack?? Dad and uncle berkejaran mau pegi cari torchlight and by the time they went back to the hotel, the lights came on! PFFFT!
It was funny to see everyone was panicked! It was off from noon till about 10pm.

 Masid Nabawi at night :) Beautiful!

I love the roof or umbrella..whatever you call it! Boleh bukak tutup!
 See! Get what I mean? ;)

 The makam of Prophet Muhammad is here :)

   It's only the outdoor part!! HUGE!


 After the mini tour by my daddy, we continued this Middle East trip to Makkah, the main reason why we came here, to perform Umrah, which means to walk around the Kaabah (big black box) 7 times and walk from Safa Hill to Marwah 7 times too. While doing so, one is advisable to recite prayers.

I was SO VERY excited to perform the tasks and pray in front of Kaabah because it is one of the best places to pray and ask things from Allah. God willing, He will grant your wishes and answer your prayers!

UNFORTUNATELY, I got my period the night before! BOOO.. :( So I couldn't perform any of the tasks or even entered Masjidil Harram.

The journey from Madinah to Makkah was about 6 hours. We stopped in between to get some snacks and to pray. Funny, it is in the middle of the desert!

There was a little twist of our tour for Mekkah. Dad didn't want to stay at the hotel allocated
for our tour, cuz the area is not convenient and safe, but actually we couldnt tahan the fact
that we had to berebut the lift with so many ppl and ate boring food which we had to face at the hotel in Madinah., so my family changed hotel!
We stayed at Al-Safwah Hotel! Gorgeous 5 star hotel!
My sisters and I got a mini suite!!
I looked out the window the moment I went into the room, Our room WAS FACING KAABAH!! omg. I was jumping so happyily cuz since I can't go there to perform my prayers, at least I could look at it from my room!
I admit, I cried like a baby. hehe.
I mean Hello. Kaabah kot!! Its a symbol of Islam! Our heading! Our kiblat when we pray! Been seeing it in tv, newspapers, everywhere, and finally it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES! Alhamdullilah and SubhanaAllah.


 Lovely KAABAH!

 Crazy jam that happens when it's almost prayer time!

I love my hotel, it had everything!!
 Ambik..Plasma TV lagi!



Lina Pumpkin

Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #2

March 06, 2010

Hello loyal readers!
You know what?
Thank you so much for keep coming back to my blog and read my stories :)
Love you!!

Here is the continuation of my Middle East trip! Enjoy!

15 February 2010

We were back in Madinah Al-Munawarrah :)
Early in the morning, around 7 am, we had the usual breakfast and I was starting to get sick of it but I told myself I needed to hold on for just 2 MORE DAYS before we left for Makkah!

Today's tour was earlier than usual because we had a number of stops to visit. Thank God I charged my camera batteries or else I would scream in the middle of the street and let the Saudi Arabian cops caught me!
haha. Random much!
Okay cut the crap!

Our first stop was Masjid Quba'. It is the first mosque that Propher Muhammad ever built! Thank God I had not gotten my period yet that day. Hence, I managed to go into the mosque and pray :) The mosque is so beautiful, white and pure! I felt like Im in heaven already. Take a look at the sky :) SubhanAllah!
Once again, my heart was touched by the fact that I could be in a premise which Muhammad had built it himself! yay :)





Next stop is Ladang Kurma!
Do you love dates ? I LOVE DATES!
And here, they sell chocolate dates!! How awesome is that! Have you tasted chocolate dates? I LOVE CHOCOLATE DATES!! YUMMMM






After licking our fingers and wiped our mouths that were covered with chocolate, it was time to move on to the next historical attraction, Bukit Uhud.
I cried here. This is where Prophet Muhammad was in a war called Uhud War but his troop lost and many of his friends had passed away here :( 


Makam para khalifah yang telah mati syahid! 

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was here!!

There is even a market at the peak of the mountain!


About 30 minutes away from Bukit Uhud, we headed to Jabel Magnet, which means Magnetic Mountain!
This place is awesome!! There is like a natural magnet and it could pull your vehicle!! You don't need to
accelerate..just control your brake and steering. Damn, can save fuel if we live in the area! Heck, we don't need fuel at all!
At first I couldn't really believe it, but I was stunned when our bus drove up the hill by itself!
SubhanaAllah! Google or youtube and you'll see what I meant!



5th stop was Ladang Unta! Camels!!! :)
I like camels but they stink so bad! Ugh. But they are really adorable! Gotta love the big eyes and long lashes :)
We were here to taste the fresh milk of the camel! Right off from the boobs!
I never like milk. So to me it's nothing exciting. But my sisters who are milk lovers say the camel's fresh milk is really different from the cows! Coolness!
Try it :)





We got on the bus smelling like camels. Ooopsie. I was hoping that the tour ended at that stop because I didn't want to walk around beautiful attractions smelling like unbathed animals! Yikes.
The tour guide announced that we had two more spots and we were done :)

So the next destination was Quran Complex. It's a factory where the Quran is published. They published like thousands a day. Unfortunately, only men could go in the factory because you know..only men can work in Madinah. So, us women just hung out at a small showroom where they were selling Quran of various languages. Mom bought some Quran to give to Al-Nabawi Mosque as amal jariah :) So lucky for the men, they got free Quran if they visit the factory!! I only have a pic of the complex as we didn't get to go into the factory! :(


Our last attraction ended right before lunch time! YES!
So our last destination was Masjib Qiblatin. It means, 2 kiblats. Why? Because last time the Muslims used to pray facing Baitul Muqaddis in this mosque as the kiblat, but then he changed it to Kaabah. Hence, the name was given!

Really man..the sky was SO beautiful that day! SO BLUE!! ahh! 

The 2 Kiblats Mosque :)

Went back to the hotel and everyone was so exhausted!
I think my feet died on me.

Lina Pumpkin